1. Maintenance of high-speed and low-speed mobile phones

1. You must use a high-speed mobile phone to clean the lubricating oil or good-quality cleaning lubricating oil for lubrication and maintenance twice a day, once at noon and once in the afternoon. If you use it continuously for more than 30 minutes, you should choose an appropriate time for cleaning and refueling during the treatment. If it is high temperature and high pressure disinfection, it must be thoroughly cleaned and maintained before disinfection.

2. Refuel from the air inlet at the back of the mobile phone until oil mist is sprayed out from the head part (about 2-3 seconds).

3. All high-speed mobile phones and contra-angle mobile phones have internal bearing devices. If they are not frequently maintained and lubricated, they will become the main cause of early failure of the mobile phone.

4. Do not use oxidizing potential water (strongly acidic water) or disinfectant to clean the phone, which will cause early failure of the phone.

5. It is recommended to use high temperature and high pressure method to sterilize mobile phones. Must be cleaned and lubricated before disinfection.

6. When using the bur by pressing the mobile phone, use cleaning lubricating oil for maintenance on the chuck part holding the bur every week to remove the dirt residue in the chuck. If it is not cleaned, it will cause the failure of the bur not to be tightly clamped.

7. The air pressure range of the mobile phone, high speed: 1.8-2.2Mpa; low speed: 2.5-3.0Mpa, do not overload it. Too high air pressure can easily damage the bearing or break the bur.

8. Use air pressure after drying and filtering.

9. Regularly check the compressor and filter, and carry out certain maintenance.

10. For burs with different working diameters, please pay attention to the corresponding speed, otherwise it will accelerate the damage of the bearing.


1. After each use, please make sure to clean the dust particles sucked back into the phone to prevent the particles from damaging the bearings.

2. Before using the newly repaired mobile phone, please open the back cover of the mobile phone, take out the shaft and wrap the head with a paper towel, clean the dust particles remaining in the air path with cleaning lubricant, install the shaft and Use the back cover after cleaning it again.

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